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Nolan Kemp, DDS

Joining the family business alongside his father, Dr. Nolan Kemp is passionate about continuing his father’s legacy of providing exceptional care so his patients can look and feel their best.

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Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Dr. Nolan Kemp, attended the University of Tennessee before going on to earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. After graduating from dental school, Dr. Nolan pursued advanced education in general dentistry at the Foundry Dental Center in Birmingham Alabama. This year-long residency program gave Dr. Nolan the education and experience needed to complete complex dental implant surgeries and IV sedation cases. Dr. Nolan loves helping our patients restore their smiles and regain the confidence that a healthy smile can bring.

In the summer of 2018, Dr. Nolan participated on a dental outreach team with the Hope Smiles partners in Uganda. It was there that he and his wife, along with a group of close friends, experienced what quality care in remote, underserved communities can do for a person's life. Dr. Nolan brings the same approach of quality, compassionate dental care to every person he sees, whether serving in a remote village in Uganda or right here at home in Tennessee.

When Dr. Nolan is not doing what he loves at work, he enjoys playing golf. However, his favorite thing to do is to simply spend time with his wife Caroline, and son Elijah. You can find them hiking, camping, and enjoying the outdoors. They love living here in middle Tennessee, but also enjoy getting away to Colorado a couple of times a year for skiing or backpacking.

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